Discover Your Business’s “Automation IQ” with Our Quick 15 Questions Assessment!

In today’s fast-paced digital world, leveraging technology isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity for staying competitive. But how well is your business actually using technology to its fullest potential? That’s where our “Automation IQ” assessment comes in!

What Is It?

This straightforward assessment consists of 15 key questions designed to evaluate how well your business integrates and utilizes automation across various operations — from lead generation and marketing to scheduling and financials. It’s a first step toward uncovering your strengths and identifying opportunities where automation can significantly boost your efficiency and productivity.

Why Take It?

  • Assess Your Current Use of Technology: Understand how your current tech stack and automation strategies stack up.
  • Identify Improvement Areas: Get a clearer picture of where your business could benefit from implementing or upgrading automation solutions.
  • Think Improvement: Inspire ideas on how to streamline operations, save time, and reduce costs through smarter technology use.

How to Take It

Simply answer “yes” or “no” to each question based on your current business operations. Add 1 point for every “yes” answer. No points for “no” answers. It’s that easy!

What You’ll Get

Count the number of “yes” answers – that’s your business’s “Automation IQ” score. This score will help you understand your business’s current standing in the realm of digital efficiency and pinpoint areas for immediate and long-term improvement.

Take the first step towards transforming your business operations for the better. Discover your “Automation IQ” today and unlock the full potential of automation in your business!

This description aims to engage users by highlighting the assessment’s value, ease of participation, and the actionable insights they can gain. It positions the assessment as a must-take for any business owner looking to optimize their operations through technology.

15 Questions Questionnaire

Lead Generation

  1. Do you use automated tools for lead generation (e.g., web forms, social media ads)?


  1. How automated is your email marketing campaign (scheduling, segmentation, personalization)?
  2. Do you utilize social media management tools for scheduling and analytics?


  1. Is your customer relationship management (CRM) system integrated with other sales tools (e.g., email, scheduling)?
  2. Do you employ automated follow-up systems for prospects or leads?


  1. How automated is your invoicing and billing process?
  2. Do you use software for financial reporting and analysis that integrates with your sales data?


  1. Is your appointment booking and scheduling system automated and integrated with your calendar?
  2. Do you automate reminders for appointments or follow-ups?

Customer Service

  1. Do you use chatbots or automated responses for initial customer service inquiries?
  2. Is there an automated system for collecting and analyzing customer feedback?

Operations and Workflow

  1. How do you automate task assignments and progress tracking within your team?
  2. Do you use inventory management software that updates in real-time?

HR and Payroll

  1. Is your payroll processing automated, including tax calculations and payments?
  2. Do you use digital tools for employee onboarding and training?

Immediate Feedback Based on Scores:

Your business’s current automation level:

  • 11-15 High Automation Mastery: Your business is leveraging automation well across multiple areas, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Consider exploring advanced integrations or new technologies to stay ahead.
  • 6-10 Moderate Automation Usage: You’re on the right track with automation but have significant opportunities for improvement. Focus on areas with minimal automation for quick wins and efficiency gains.
  • 0-5 Low Automation Utilization: Your business is missing out on the full potential of automation. Prioritize implementing basic automation in high-impact areas like lead generation, marketing, and financials to see immediate benefits.

This feedback provides a starting point for your businesses to understand your automation status and prompts you to seek further advice or services to improve their operations.